Saturday, September 26, 2009

Future Profession

Amy likes to take pictures - see if you recognize yourself.

Our neighbor Betty.

Up at Uncle Jeff's

Rocco and Auntie Cathy

Her new flip flops with gems (which Amy pronounces as jams)

Self Portrait

Canoeing on the WI River

Head of The Leedle Family

I could go on and on!

Fishy, fishy in the Brook

The Boggio family got some fishing in this summer. We all enjoy it. Here are some of the catches!

Fourth of July we all took turns reeling in this bottom feeder.

John and Rocco went fishing on Lake Michigan and caught some King Salmon.

John caught these when we were canoeing on the WI River with church.

The fish weren't really biting for our weekend in the Lake Tomahawk area but the kids did catch some frogs.