Monday, March 16, 2009

Bikes and Cereal

So we got a little taste of Spring here over the weekend and it is continuing into the week. The kids hit the park on the weekend. I love taking them as to me it is truly a measure of growth. How much quicker they can climb up to the slides or arm swing across the parallel bars. Rocco is so tall now his feet could touch the ground on one of the pieces of equipment if he would just bend his toes to the ground. Last year, during the Memorial Day Weekend garage sales in Pardeeville, my mom bought bikes for the kids, as Rocco needed one, and Amy of course should have one too. At that time and really all last summer Amy's bike was too big for her. She never really could move around on it too good. Yesterday, John put air in the tires as the temp was to hit 60 degrees. Amy climbed on her bike, wearing her Sunday dress still and hasn't looked back. She LOVES her new bike and I predict, once summer is officially here, she will be ready to attempt without the training wheels. Here is a little peek!

Don't worry, our dear Rocco is still around. He sweetly requested that I purchase the cereal that had the Lego Racer cars in it on my trip to the grocery store tonight. I found it (Lucky Charms in case you need one too) and purchased as promised. Of course he wanted to open the box IMMEDIATELY. I told him that he has to eat all the cereal before he can have the car that is always at the bottom of the bag. Enter Bog. Rocco says "The car is separate from the cereal!" To which Bog replied "Do you want to bet?" Rocco state "Yes!" and offered $0.30 as a wager. Bog and Rocco shook hands to seal the deal and Rocco opened the cereal box. He pulled the cereal bag up and out popped the car in a little separate wrapper. Are you kidding me? John and I were in disbelief and Rocco has 30 of his father's hard earned living in his bank tonight!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sorry for the Delay

Sorry for the delay in this post.

First I went on a women's retreat over the weekend. It was great! We had a fun time. The theme was a 50's revival. Included is a picture of us dressed for the sock hop!

Wednesday night was the long awaited Pinewood Derby. The Boggios swept the field!!!! The kids, Rocco and Amy, placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Ranger Kids Division. This will be Rocco's third trophy. Amy was pretty excited about her first trophy!

In the Leader's division, The Becky Lee was the car to beat (mine) and John came in a close second. We plan to perform the same at the District Derby in two weeks. We'll let you know what happens! We are very excited with our standings from last night!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fat Tony N Sons Speed Shop 09 Models

Alright Bog here. The reason you have not seen much of Rocco on this site is that he has been busy. He has been building the perfect race car for his pinewood derby. It is a long story about how it started, but at church we have a group similar to the cub and boy scouts called royal rangers. This will be his third year. And to kinda make sure the Dads don't take over the car there is a division for Dad's and well as you can see by the picture Amy and The Beckster get cars as well.Rocco is a Star Wars fan. So for his car he chose to make a replica of the Anakin Skywalker starfighter from the Clone Wars series. Rocco designed and assembled the car himself. No I did not let him use the band saw. He polished the wheels and did the entire paint job himself. The only help I offered was helping him set the wheels, cutting tape with an exacto knife for his paint job, and setting the weight with him telling me where he wanted the lead. My lovely bride was challenged to build a car by some Friends who are also Commanders in the Ranger organization. They were building cars and told her she should build one as well. The Beckster's is based on the 1969 Plymouth roadrunner. Both Hers and Amy's are sponsored by Fat Tony N Sons Speed Shops. This is the name of my workshop this time of year it was voted on by the entire family and that was the name chosen. I think it will finish the races and has a chance to medal. Amy has the pink car with the purple flames. She picked number the number four because she is four years old. The car is based on the Le mans series 24 hours of Daytona cars. She picked the paint scheme and has helped more than I thought she would. She gets to enter a car in the Rainbows division. The rainbows are like an entry group, you go there before rangers and the girls side which is called Missionettes. Bog the Vth (this will be explained in a later post) grew up a huge fan of SPEED RACER. My most favorite episodes always included Speeds older brother Rex, otherwise known as The mysterious RACER X. I always wondered how no one knew who he was in the show but I digress. RACER X drove the shooting star. A yellow slice of pure speed. I did my best within the limits of the dimensions to match the shooting star and it looks close. What with the bucket seats, Hurst four speed slam shifter and race inspired steering wheel. I know it is a little over board but hey hunting season is over. But we as a family have fun with this. Rocco has won some trophy's in the past and I hope he wins with this car most of all because he has a whole bunch of time invested in it. For those who see this and have time still booked to come to the speed shops for help we are not closed. In fact we have already started designing next years cars. All I can say is does anybody have any dimensions to the Homer??

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

On Friday night Bog and Amy were playing Yahtzee Jr. When it was Bog's turn he yelled "Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!" while shaking the dice cup. Amy proceeded to yell out needs of clothing items (PJs, pants) as well when it was her turn. I was listening to this while doing some quick chore while Amy was occupied. On Saturday, Amy and I sat down to play a round of the game as well. I hadn't really played before and knew we were missing a couple pieces so asked Amy to tell me the rules. Here is what she relayed to me:

"You shake the dice in the cup and while you are shaking you yell out words for something new! Then you place your cards on the board depending on what dice you get."

Yahtzee Jr is a little different than the grown up version. Still try to get five matches of something but there are cards and board that you place your cards on. Our's is the Toy Story version which Amy calls the Woody Game.

It was my turn and I started shaking the cup. Amy reminded me "Mom, you need to ask for a new piece of clothing!" She believes that this is one of the rules you have to follow while playing the game. It is the cutest thing!

Hope you are all well.