Monday, March 16, 2009

Bikes and Cereal

So we got a little taste of Spring here over the weekend and it is continuing into the week. The kids hit the park on the weekend. I love taking them as to me it is truly a measure of growth. How much quicker they can climb up to the slides or arm swing across the parallel bars. Rocco is so tall now his feet could touch the ground on one of the pieces of equipment if he would just bend his toes to the ground. Last year, during the Memorial Day Weekend garage sales in Pardeeville, my mom bought bikes for the kids, as Rocco needed one, and Amy of course should have one too. At that time and really all last summer Amy's bike was too big for her. She never really could move around on it too good. Yesterday, John put air in the tires as the temp was to hit 60 degrees. Amy climbed on her bike, wearing her Sunday dress still and hasn't looked back. She LOVES her new bike and I predict, once summer is officially here, she will be ready to attempt without the training wheels. Here is a little peek!

Don't worry, our dear Rocco is still around. He sweetly requested that I purchase the cereal that had the Lego Racer cars in it on my trip to the grocery store tonight. I found it (Lucky Charms in case you need one too) and purchased as promised. Of course he wanted to open the box IMMEDIATELY. I told him that he has to eat all the cereal before he can have the car that is always at the bottom of the bag. Enter Bog. Rocco says "The car is separate from the cereal!" To which Bog replied "Do you want to bet?" Rocco state "Yes!" and offered $0.30 as a wager. Bog and Rocco shook hands to seal the deal and Rocco opened the cereal box. He pulled the cereal bag up and out popped the car in a little separate wrapper. Are you kidding me? John and I were in disbelief and Rocco has 30 of his father's hard earned living in his bank tonight!

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