Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hi my name is Becky and I have a tendency to control.  I am a martry but I have hope and so do you.  I need a plan/schedule/structure in my life.  I don't do well or feel like I accomplish anything without a to do list.  God showed me I can't control everything this week in fact when my daughter was sent home with a head full of lice.  Ridding the household of this is a time consuming process that was NOT part of the plan for an already busy week at work and home.  But God is faithful and the judgment of others has not occurred but welcomed support of Honey I have been there was received.

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  1. I'm the Queen of To do Lists! Glad there is an addict like me... but God has a plan and He is faithful. Many blessings as we learn to Let. It. Go!