Monday, June 1, 2009


So like two years ago we were notified of progress happening across the street from where we live. The vacant grocery warehouse property was going to be developed into an upscale shopping center.

Last year in the Spring they started tearing it down. My hope was to have a time line showing the change as it occurred by taking a picture each month from the same spot in our driveway to see how the changes have occurred. This is how it looked at the beginning.

The last picture I took last year looked like this.

Then I got really bad at taking pictures but if memory serves there wasn't a whole lot to see except them flattening out a lot of dirt. Over the winter they started construction on the Target and new Pick N Save grocery store, but again, not a lot to see as basically the foundations were being laid.

Last week, Target had it's annual shareholders meeting at the new store. This is our view now.

Target is suppose to open at the end of July as is Pick N Save. They are widening the street and will begin tearing up in front of our house shortly. We are getting some free landscaping out of it so that should be sweet. I am getting my wagon ready for my short trip to go shopping.

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  1. Oh man it would be dangerous for us to be that close to a Target store. Hopefully you Boggios have more willpower than the Smith's do!