Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Star is Born

Well the long anticipated recital ocurred last Saturday. I have tried several times to load the video from dress rehearsal but I think it is too long and won't upload. It wasn't very good quality but would have given you a flavor. Amy LOVED being on stage. The recital was great. I really enjoyed all of the performances. Amy's song was second to last but it was totally worth the wait. They darkened the stage between each number. For the first show, Amy walked across the stage and back again before she found her spot to start the song. We will be taking a collection for all future recitals in the event Amy is in more than one number. Some of the girls performed five or six times. Knowing Amy's costume was $40, and you start multiplying that....Ouch! It will be worth it though. She has totally been on cloud nine.

Now imagine some maracas, bright orange.

We are pretty sure Rocco was her biggest fan.

I need to get ready to do it all again next year. I was exhausted for the next two days.

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